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Groups and sites which endorse or quote our safety info

(Note: I'm afraid I'm no longer able to update this list because I don't have time.)

Groups which have used our bike safety information in their publications

Other sites which link to our safety article
AM General (Aug. '08)
Evanston Bicycle Club (Nov. '07)
• Bike Safe Sacramento
Savannah College of Art & Design radio station (Apr. '06)
The Inline Planet (see their skating version of How to Not Get Hit By Cars) (Jan. '06)
• University of Michigan (Dept. of Aerospace Studies, May '05)
• City of Antigo (Wisconsin; April '05)
• Laramie Bicycling Network (April 2005)
NC Rider (North Carolino motorcyclists, April '05)
• Stockton Bicycle Club (Stockton, CA, June '04)
• Marin Share the Road (Marin County, CA, June '04)
Boeing Company (Mesa, AZ, March '04)
County of Palm Beach, Florida (Nov. '03)
• Horsham & Crawley Cycle Touring Club (UK, Oct. '03)
• Catalan translation of (Oct. '03)
• Spanish translation of (June '03)
• Grove City Rescue Squad (Grove City, MN, Apr. 2003)
• Italian transalation of (Jan '03)
• GAC Corporation de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (Frontera City, Coahuila, Mexico, Dec. 2002)

Tacoma Wheelmen's Bicycle Club (Tacoma, WA, 9-01)
My ParenTime, website for parents (8-01)
Jupiter Parents, website for parents in Jupiter, FL (8-01)
• Edmonton, Alberta Canada Charity Ride (2-01)
• Bicycle Highway (cue sheets for long rides; 12-00)
Peninsula Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition (San Mateo, CA, 10-00)
• Outagamie Waupaca Library System (WI, 10-00)
Bonneville Bicycling Touring Club (UT, 10-00)
Tri-County Bicycle Association (Lansing, MI, 10-00)
• St. Clair County Sheriff's Department (IL, 9-00)
Habitat for Humanity/Habitat 500 Ride (Minneapolis MN, 6-00)
Bicycle Coalition of the Ozarks (Fayetteville AR, 6-00)
State of Nevada, Office of Traffic Safety

Media reports

The Hill, Aug. 2009

Commute Columbia (Feb. 2006)
Central Iowa Bike Rides & Orgs (Sep. 2005)
Cycling Solutions (Canada, Aug. 2004)
Mike's Mega Bicycle Links (July 2004)
Bloom Bike Shop (Mar. 2004)
Bamacyclist (Alabama, Mar. 2004)
Wild Horse Creek Crusaders (St. Louis, MO, Dec. '03)
Police Unity Tour (Oct. '03)

Ciclismo En Mexico -- Su Portal Al Ciclismo Mexicano (June '03)

AltSports -- a web community about cycling, skateboarding, and snowboarding

Blue Ridge Bicycle Club (North Carolina, Feb 03)

Westchester Cycle Club (Westchester County, NY, Feb. '03)

Oregon Department of Transportation (Dec 02)

Hawkeye Bicycle Association (Apr 02) -- (Cedar Rapids, IA)

Ken Kifer's Bike Pages -- Over 130 web pages about touring, commuting, health, lifestyle, health, advocacy, skills, humor, and hundreds of links.

KEYE-42 (7-01) -- TV station in Austin, TX.

International Bike Fund (7-01) -- See description below.

Bicitekas (6-01) -- Mexican bicycle advocacy. (Website is in Spanish.) (5-01) -- Sells cool, highly-reflective decals (stickers) for helmets and bikes, including some that are fluorescent!

Les Croupiers Running Club (5-01) -- Founded in 1981 and located in Cardiff, largest running club in South Wales, UK. (4-01) -- "A Rider's Digest" -- featuring humor, essays, photos, and travel journals from cyclists around the world.

Transportation Alternatives (3-01) -- NYC group, whose site should be a model for other groups (3-01) -- Movies of bike races, shot from the bike itself!

Carolina Cyclers (3-01)

Western Pennsylvania Cycling Page (3-01)

Bike Around Long Island (NY, 3-01) Resources for bike commuters.

GORP: Great Outdoor Recreation Pages. The kitchen sink of outdoor rec.

Bob Neubauer's Adventure Site

Other Bike Safety Resources reviews the most popular instructional bicycle safety books, brochures, and courses.

Bike Advocacy

America Bikes
Lobbies the federal government to support cycling. Also, see how your elected officials voted on bicycling & transportation-related issues.

Bikes Belong's Guide to Advocacy
This national coalition group has published an online guide for doing bike advocacy work in your community, with an emphasis on using federal money for bike-friendly transportation projects.

Bike Summer 2003 (New York City)
Bike Summer is an annual bike festival with rides, activist workshops, and fun events. (The 2002 event was in Portland OR, 2001 was Vancouver Canada, 2000 was Chicago IL, and 1999 was San Francisco, CA.) Activists are encouraged to hold Bike Summers in their own cities.

Bust Media Bias against Bicycles
This site exposes media bias against alternative transportation modes, especially the bicycle, and to address such bias with action, facts, constructive criticism and humor.

Chainguard Online
Lots of info but poorly organized.
Resources for women cyclists.

International Bike Fund
Huge advocacy site/organization, with resources about urban planning, bike to work programs, safety and more. The group is oddly named, since it has nothing to do with money or grants.

League of American Bicyclists (LAB)
Very large group which supports all types of cyclists (sports, rec, commuting, advocacy).

National Bicycle Greenway
These folks are pushing for a national (U.S.) network of bike paths for both recreation and transportation. They also held a BIG ride across the U.S. in the Summer of 2000 to promote the idea.

National Center for Bicycling & Walking
Site includes detailed PDF reports on implementing facilities improvements like bike lanes and bike boulevards.

National Cycle Network  (U.K.)
5000 miles (with more to come) of continuous routes, running right through urban centres and reaching all parts of the UK (eventually passing within 2 miles of half the population). Almost half the Network will be entirely traffic-free, built along old railway lines, canal towpaths, forestry tracks riversides and urban space.

White bike memorials for killed cyclists
A group is painting entire bikes solid white and leaving them in places where cyclists have been killed by cars.

Regional Bike Advocacy Groups/Sites
   USA: Georgia: Athens
   USA: Texas: Austin
   Africa: Johannesburg
   Australia: Cairns
   Canada: Ontario: Toronto: ARC, CBN
   England: Croydon
   Ireland: Dublin

Bicycle Commuting

Bicycling Life
Resources for bicycle commuters, including safety skills, strategies for biking to work, how to fix a flat tire, more.
Resources for bicycle commuters, including local & state organizations, news, products, and more.

How to Not Get Hit By Cars
An illustrated guide, with nice color pictures. Very helpful.

Other Biking Resources
More links than you can shake a kickstand at about every cycling issue imaginable, and thankfully organized into different sections. |
Web-based discussion groups
(not email-based) for a large variety of specialized biking topics, including Advocacy, Bike Mechanics, Bike Messengers, Commuting, Handcycling, Safety, Women's Cycling, and more.
For those who prefer to ride with one wheel.

Unusual Bikes: On our sister site we have a huge list of recumbent bikes (recliners), adult tricycles, cargo/workbikes, bike cars (4 wheels), trailers, pedicabs, electric scooters, and more. (see list)

Facilities: Check out ideas for bikeways free from cars: Bikes in the sky and an enclosed system that boosts speed with fans. Also, here are resources for planning bike facilities.

A huge, searchable list of all kinds of bike rides across the United States.

Repairs: Bicycle Tutor videos | Sheldon Brown | Park Tool
These sites will show you how to fix your own bike.

Touring: Adventure Cycling
THE resource for bicycle tours, whether you're planning your own tour or paying to go on a group tour. Maps, advice, nice glossy magazine, what more do you want?

Legal. When you get hit by a car, these personal injury attorneys can help: (Oregon), ,, Gerry Oginski (NY), and Willie Schmerler at Scanlan, Buckle, & Young (Austin).

Other Anti-Car sites

Auto-Saurus Commercial
Broadcast-quality ad by AdBusters.

Car Busters
International group based in Europe working towards a car-free society. They publish a hot magazine ("Car Busters") and email newsletter, and sponsor World Car-Free Day every September.

Car-Free Cities
These folks advocate for car-free cities in a well-researched and professional manner.

Car-Free City US
A group working to create a car-free city in the U.S.

(Planning a) Car-Free Day
Large, well-organized site which details how to plan a Car-Free Day in your city.

Culture Change
Documents the tremendous environmental, social and economic damage caused by endless road building. Also publishes Culture Change magazine (formerly Auto-Free Times).

Get out of the bike lane!
Posts vigilante photos of autos parked in the bike lane in Toronto, Canada.

Less Traffic
Recommends going beyond traffic calming to reduce the number and speed of cars on the streets.

Reclaim the Streets (San Francisco, CA US)
A movement which advocates massive street parties, covertly painting bike lanes onto roadways, and other ways to subvert the car culture. Here are the RTS pages for London and Adelaide, Australia.

Right of Way (New York City)
Local group asserting cyclist and pedestrian rights over motorist prerogatives. Has stenciled over 250 street memorials to car victims and published "Killed By Automobile" report.

Transportation Alternatives (New York City)
Local group promoting alternatives to car-based transportation. This website is HOT! It's a model for other groups to emulate.

Victoria Transport Policy Institute
Publishes a number of important studies and reports, such as one explaining how cyclists actually subsidize the cost of road-building for motorists, a Pavement Buster's Guide, and much more. For activists who are ready to move beyond simply riding in Critical Mass rides and actually get something done in their communities, this site provides plenty of the ammunition they'll need.

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